Hanoch Piven
But is it art?
posted: January 2, 2007
see the gazes of the jumping players as they realize they were fooled.....
OK here's a soccer one..I know..it is not about illustration..but just look at this free kick by Ronaldinho.
For the likes of O'Brian and Goldin who probably don't know sh__ about soccer, most of the freekicks in soccer are shot hight. (see bend it like Beckham) The 'barrier' of German players was made of the tallest ones who anticipated the kick by jumping high to be able to block better (they're Germans you know) ..but this time Ronaldinho surprised them and shot it low and scored an 'easy' goal.
So perhaps Ronaldinho is a graceful artist whose lesson says sometimes it is important to surprise the crowds and to keep them guessing at what is coming next.
Peter Hermann January 2, 2007
didn't barcelona loose that game? i remember reading about a stroke of genius by ronaldinho in a losing match recently. i love the way you find similarities between "traditional art" and other art, in this case soccer. of course ronaldinho is playing with my country man michael laudrups old number (i don't know laudrup, but his magic on the pitch is in a league of it's own, and makes me proud to be a dane). ps. the guy on the far right seems to be having some trouble letting go of his private parts.
Zina Saunders January 2, 2007
Hanoch, I know nothing about sports of any kind, but your post is so interesting, I think I may watch soccer the next time it's on TV! And Peter's observation about the guy on the right made me laugh out loud. All in all, a great post from any angle!
Robert Saunders January 2, 2007
LOL, Hanoch. That pic is hilarious!
Nancy January 2, 2007
The list of drawgers who don't know sh__ about soccer is certainly much, much longer than just O'Brien and Goldin. I do know that there is an art to tennis and so believe in the art of any sport (except maybe American football (!)). Plus this photo is so great, holding a moment in complete focus, exposing the power of one man's choice and ability to do the unexpected. That is definitely art.
Hanoch January 2, 2007
hi there, Peter, Barcelona won this game against Werder Bremen 3-0, I think..
Rob Dunlavey January 2, 2007
In defense of the Germans: these penalty shots happen in a heartbeat or less time. There is only one option and the wall usually acts as a unit. It's a funny photo but it was over in the blink of an eye. The fellow on the right might want to be a father someday! Is Ronaldhino an artist? Anyone who is creative under pressure is an artist becase they dig deep and respond to the situation on very long wavelength of technique, facility, personal memory and stamina. Never forget, that they (the art buyer, the public, etc.) need you. An artist by nature is out in front because she is solving something. Get used to being in front as much as possible. Keep 'em guessing. Be entertaining. Be beautiful in what you do. Like Ronaldhino!
David Goldin January 2, 2007
Where I come from we call it F∞tbåll. I know all about it Piven. Man U, I think I did a spot illo for them once. kick balls baby. Great photo-I also love Willie Nelson's nose on your banner.
Edel Rodriguez January 2, 2007
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!!!! This would be fun to see on video.
Edel Rodriguez January 2, 2007
thanks Hanoch, great video. I love the goalie's face! Viva Barcelona! You will soon hang out here most of the day and do your illustrations in 30 minutes right before you go to sleep. Welcome!
Steve Brodner January 2, 2007
H: It's art. And everybody gets it. Thanks, S
Christoph Hitz January 2, 2007
Hanoch, Nein,nein, das ist doch keine Kunst, das is einfach schlechte Deutsche verteidigung. The great soccer artist Ronaldinhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo at his very best.
Hanoch Piven January 2, 2007
hi Christoff this is how google translated your sentence <> funny that 'kunst' means 'Art' in Hebrew 'kunts' means 'Trick'
Rob Dunlavey January 2, 2007
freetranslation.com returns this: "No no, that is yet no art, the is simply bad German defense."