Hanoch Piven
Hi from Barcelona
posted: December 29, 2006
The Guardian, London, last week....
Hello everyone..( i remember some of you from back then.. mid 90s in AOL)
Im happy to try and be a part of this...
Humbled after seing Steve Brodner pages...
Ill start with my first ever piece for The Guardian which is a newspaper I admire. As you might have guessed it had something to do with Holiday TV...

good night for now..

Mike Moran December 29, 2006
Well welcome Hanoch! I've seen your work before and always thought it was great. Glad to have you here. Happy New Year! Mike
Robert Saunders December 29, 2006
Hi Hanoch, delighted to have you here. Love your work, and can't wait to see what you're up to lately. Happy New Year, Rob
robert hunt December 29, 2006
Hanoch: I'm a huge fan of your portraits...glad to see you here! RH
fiedler December 29, 2006
Zina Saunders December 29, 2006
Welcome aboard!
Edel Rodriguez December 29, 2006
Bienvenido Hanoch, estoy muy alegre! Great to have you here, your work is always an inspiration. I look forward to hearing and seeing what's going on in Barcelona, my favorite city!
David Goldin December 29, 2006
Piven is in the house! Great to see you here old friend.
Christian Slade December 29, 2006
Welcome! Great Santa!
Bob Staake December 29, 2006
wonderful piece, hanoch -- and great to have you here! i've been a fan since 'the complete book of humorous art'
Leo Espinosa December 29, 2006
benvingut Hanoch!
David Gothard December 29, 2006
Welcome, Hanoch !!
Christoph Hitz December 29, 2006
Hi Hanoch, A great welcome to YOU
Hanoch Piven December 30, 2006
Thank you so much guys and girls for the nice welcome. I have tried to resist spending too much time with laptop...I guess until now..in any case everybody else in the house is with theirs.. there are so many wonderful things to see here..haven't even seen a tenth of it, some people I didn't know (what a wonderful surprise to discover Zina Saunders' work) I will slowly get an idea of how to do this..and still feed the family and hopefully Ill add something different from the other side of the Ocean. (one thing I can promise is lots of soccer (football for the rest of the world)
Peter Hermann December 30, 2006
lovely Santa. you could almost eat him. actually I feel like I did. Happy new years and welcome Hanoch.
Tim O'Brien December 30, 2006
Welcome. I've always been in awe of your gift for making images that are truly original. Drawger just got better!
Jim Paillot December 30, 2006
Wonderful Santa. You've combined my kids 3 most favorite things: Santa, TV and popcorn. Wecome to the fun!
Mark Fisher December 30, 2006
Hanoch, greetings and welcome to drawger.
J.D. King December 30, 2006
Welcome aboard! I look forward to your posts!
David Flaherty December 30, 2006
Welcome~ Hope that nobody eats that picture!
randy enos December 30, 2006
Welcome Hanoch...you're a real original and it's an honor to have you among us. Looking forward to seeing your great work.
Hanoch Piven December 31, 2006
thanks again for such a warm welcome.. Happy New Year! Hanoch
Rob Dunlavey December 31, 2006
Hanoch, W E L C O M E ! I'm really glad you're here and I look forward to getting to know you as much as I love your work! Happy New Year! PS: football (soccer) is spoken here!!
Steve Brodner January 1, 2007
Hanoch: I'm late to this, but a great big welcome. Glad this worked out. You've got the magic. Happy to see it here. Love to J, J and A. Happy New Year, Steve
rag January 2, 2007
We all look forward to seeing your work here. I like your header; do you have drawers and drawers of 'stuff' ready to define yet another ingenious portrait?
John Dykes January 2, 2007
Wow! Great to see you here, Hanoch. ALWAYS enjoy seeing your work. J.S.D.
Joe Ciardiello January 2, 2007
A belated welcome Hanoch. Great to see you here. Happy New Year.
Hanoch Piven January 5, 2007
thank you so much all of you guys hanoch
- äëåáñú öåø ùéæ January 8, 2007
ðéôìà îåúº. ùðä èåáä ìê åìëåìí!
tsur hangs his laundry January 8, 2007
yofi motek! shana tova!
Dudu Gerstein January 8, 2007
hi Hanoch Great to see your works taking over the world. It is amazing every time, it looks so fresh. Warm regards-Dudu gerstein
Sonia Esplugas January 9, 2007
Hola Hanoch!! Me acabo de enterar que tienes blog. Ahora mismo te pongo en mi lista de favoritos. BIENVENIDO A LA BLOGMANIA! Voy a dejarme caer seguido por aquí para disfrutar de tus trabajos recién salidos del horno. Un abrazo+
piven January 9, 2007
Tsur, Dudu, Sonia, so nice to hear from you and happy to see you here. toda y gracias Hanoch