Hanoch Piven
Ben Franklin
posted: August 18, 2010
Here's a recent portrait of Benjamin Franklin created for Readers Digest.
Based on excerpt of a book called 'Ben and I' in which the author tries to live his modern life based on Franklin's virtues.

I don't know if it is the online version but the image seems to have printed way way darker than what was intended....

df August 18, 2010
great job Hanoch
Kyle T Webster August 18, 2010
The key makes just the right shape for the mouth- great choice.
Victor Juhasz August 18, 2010
I concur with Mr. Webster and like the color choices as well.
Felix Sockwell August 18, 2010
nice work Piven i wonder if the author ever tried get syphilis too... now that would be a "life changer"
Greg Clarke August 19, 2010
Very nice Hanoch.
1000cats February 14, 2011
This is brilliant, love the colours in the original.