Hanoch Piven
Little Bird for Pritt
posted: July 28, 2010

Here's a little bird just created for the Spanish glue company Pritt (Henkel ES).
It forms part of a large project, designed by P.A.U Education called Educar, Pegar, Volar. (Educate, Glue, Fly), a Portal where school teachers can share everything about their art projects.
Pritt is sponsoring the Portal.
My involvement in the project is also conducting workshops for teachers in different Spanish cities and writing a guest column in their Blog.
Tim OBrien July 28, 2010
Love it Hanoch. The highlight for me? That shoelace mouth.
Harry July 28, 2010
Nice and clean, perfect placement of button.
Brian Stauffer July 28, 2010
Perfect. Alina and I really enjoyed talking with you at ICON, Hanoch. You have great energy.
Alex Nabaum July 28, 2010
Now that's a perfect marriage of product and art to advertise it!
Yuko July 28, 2010
So cute! I had no idea Pritt was a Spanish company! I grew up with it in Japan... It was nice seeing you at ICON!
GregM July 28, 2010
Great! Art supply clients are good ones to have.
Ellen Weinstein July 28, 2010
Wonderful image, Hanoch. Great seeing you at ICON.
Victor Juhasz July 28, 2010
As always, so creative.
Hanoch Piven July 28, 2010
Tim the shoelace was left in the studio from sketches I did for the London Marathon poster two years ago. It never happened though. Brian did you guys disappear right after we spoke?...hmm thanks Harry, Greg, Alex, Victor, Ellen and Yuko.
Tim OBrien July 28, 2010
See, I knew it was special!
Paul Rogers July 28, 2010
I like everything about this.
Shout July 30, 2010
ha! lovely and smart!