Hanoch Piven
"Maria y Yo" Graphic Novel and Film
posted: July 25, 2010
"Maria y Yo" cover...

A couple of years ago, my amigote, the great Barcelona illustrator Miguel Gallardo, published a comics book called Maria y Yo (Maria and I) about his lovely autistic daughter Maria. The book is wonderfully effective: funny, touching and enlightening and received great praise in Spain, as well as the Catalan National Prize for Comics (in Spain and Catalunya they love giving prizes!).
The book was now made into a no less great documentary film by Felix Fernandez de Castro which opened last week.
Below are some pages from the book, a link to it, as well as the trailer for the film. No English subtitles anywhere but you will get the feel of it.
Maria lives in Canarias so Miguel and Maria get to fly a lot together, always a challenge....

Miguel is a master in capturing human gestures through facial expressions....

A big part of the movie and book centers on the contrast between Maria and the so called  "normal" tourists in a resort in the Gran Canaria Island.
It turns out Miguel has some pages translated to English. Here there are!

Maria and her dad. Maria loves when people give her an applause!...

Leo Espinosa July 25, 2010
Qué maravilla Hanoch! Miguel is an inspiration as an artist and as a man.
Christoph Hitz July 26, 2010
Cool post Hanoch.
Nancy Stahl July 26, 2010
I hope the movie makes it to the States. It looks like they captured his wonderful style in the making of it. And it looks like a very heart-felt story.
Paul Rogers July 26, 2010
Thanks for posting this Hanoch. Miguel and Maria are true inspirations.
Richard Downs July 26, 2010
Nice introduction, Hanoch. Some, have more challenges than others and I wish the best for Maria and Miguel.