Hanoch Piven
Soccer at Icon 6
posted: July 19, 2010
21 Illustrators caught playing soccer at Icon 6 in Pasadena last week.
Photo by Fernanda Cohen....

fuchs July 20, 2010
21? that's not up to regulations... :)
Chris Buzelli July 20, 2010
Too bad we didn't play every day. Loved playing with all you guys and girls. Why does Sockwell look like he is about 15 years old?
felix s July 20, 2010
because i was hammered the whole time? Fuchs... If we had a dollar for every time asked where the hell you were... aside from the Langham staff being party killers, one of the best ICONs to date also- for those who have to know Buzelli's green team won all 11 games. hanoch and edel each scored on me once.
Alex Nabaum July 20, 2010
Cause like you Chris, he can play like he is 15. You guys smoked everybody!
Fernanda Cohen July 20, 2010
Awesome awesome day! Thanks Hanoch for all your help with it! You boys looked smokin' hot! Great meeting you, Alex! (so many exclamation points) Fer
Michael Olivo July 20, 2010
Thanks alot Hanoch for organizing this. I had a great time.
Hanoch Piven July 20, 2010
Sockwell and Buzelli joint MVPS!
Tim OBrien July 20, 2010
I went running in a park near the hotel and was watching a group of adults playing soccer in the field in the middle of the park. I was thinking to myself, "LA is a fucked up place, where else in the world would you find a bunch of adults playing soccer on a Thursday?" I totally never figured it out that it was a bunch of illustrators...that explains everything!
Kyle T Webster July 20, 2010
Hanoch- 1) So great to finally meet you. 2) Thanks very much for organizing this fun game (and I think Fernanda helped as well, correct? If so, thanks to Fernanda, too)
Christoph Hitz July 21, 2010
Great photo.