Hanoch Piven
Upcoming workshop at The Society of Illustrators
posted: July 5, 2010

In conjuction with the Earth: Fragile Planet show I will conduct a collage  workshop at The Society of Illustrators on July 08, 2010  from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.mMore info here
Last year's workshop at The Society was a lot of fun. I posted about it here
Come by if you're around!
Above is my contribution to the show, which is still going on until the end of the month and I had the pleasure to visit last week. Apart for the two small globes used for the eyes, all other materials in the piece were picked one morning from the floor near the market in my neighborhood. The base on which I worked was a dismantled wooden crate. (the piece had to be light to be able to travel to NY). Sadly because of the rush in sending it I don't have a better focused picture but you get the idea.
While conserving the environment was never a driving force for me in choosing to work with found objects, I have been associated in the last years with several Environmental organizations who recognize in my work the educational value of reusing and recycling. One of these places in Israel is The Center for Environmental Education in Hiriya, where I have been conducting workshops for the last years. I have posted about my workshops there in the past here. And there is a gallery of the work done there, right here on your right side....
Next to my piece at the show we have included a presentation about the various educational activities done at The Environmental Education Center in Hiriya.
And if you're in the West Coast, another upcoming event will happen in LA on Sunday July 18th: 2 workshops at The Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, marking the closing of my exhibition there. Info here.
Kyle T Webster July 6, 2010
I hope to attend one of your workshops someday, Hanoch - they look like a lot of fun.
Joe Ciardiello July 7, 2010
Good luck with the Society workshop, Hanoch. Barry and I will be playing upstairs for the sketch night crowd. Hope to see you.
Alex Nabaum July 7, 2010
Cool to hear the backstory on one of my favorites from that show.
Hanoch Piven July 8, 2010
Kyle, maybe in LA? Joe, see you tonight! Alex I hear you're playing soccer next week!