Hanoch Piven
My Best Friend is as sharp as a pencil.
posted: May 10, 2010
Jumping from one theme to another, my new book for children, My Best Friend is as Sharp as a Pencil, is coming out on Tuesday. I had once again the pleasure to be published by the smart gals Ann and Lee at Schwartz and Wade, and again a huge credit and thanks to my editor Annie Kelley. This is the third book we do together with Annie and I hope we'll be as proud of it in a couple of years as we are of our two other ones.
This book is sort of the sequel to my previous book with S&W: My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks. Just like that other one it uses verbal similes to communicate character traits through objects. I have received so many great feedbacks from teachers and librarians about how they use "Smelly Dog" in the classroom that moving from the family environment to the school/social environment seemed natural. (not that I thought of it myself...thanks Annie)
The book portrays a girl who instead of 'just answering'  her grandmother endless questions about school in a straight way, does it using objects and verbal similes.
Smart boy Jack (her best friend) gives the title to the book.
Some other characters in the book: Cheerful Sofia. (who is loosely based on the sweet daughter of a Cuban/American well known illustrator)
Christoph the cool art teacher! (doesn't really look like any living illustrator named Christoph)
And Mildred the turtle, always with a good piece of advise in her lips.
One of my favorite parts of the book: my author's picture. Finally found a good use for the funny 'tunica' (the way we called our robe) and tie I had to wear in Primary School in Uruguay.
Juan Carlos Solon May 10, 2010
This is great! and the art teacher seems pretty cool to me!
laura t. May 10, 2010
so cute!! hanoch, you are full of surprises. love the sofia cameo :) hope your book sells marvelously!
Alex Nabaum May 10, 2010
Brilliant microscope nose and lettuce turtle feet!
Brian Stauffer May 10, 2010
This stuff makes me smile.
robert neubecker May 10, 2010
wonderful! every class needs a turtle!
Harry May 10, 2010
This is wonderful, my six year old Rowan would love it. In the bookstores this week?
Victor Juhasz May 10, 2010
Wow. Another one for my grandson's library. This is terrific.
Robert Saunders May 10, 2010
My daughter Olivia would really dig this! ...oh, wait, she's twenty-six.
Roberto Parada May 10, 2010
Hanoch, I think the sofia piece and the art teacher piece are my favorites. This Book is going to be a great success. With your originality you can't miss.
Mark S Fisher May 11, 2010
Oh so nice Hanoch!
Mr. Christoph May 11, 2010
Looks inviting and highly motivational.
Hanoch Piven May 13, 2010
thanks so much people. Rollercoaster year!
Bernice Harrison, Dublin May 26, 2010
Hi Hanoch We've just downloaded your app -- it's fantastic!! Bernice and Harry
Hanoch Piven May 26, 2010
great! Send your art to our Facebook group!