Hanoch Piven
'Don't stop me now'
posted: May 1, 2010
Once a year I am abducted by geeks and invited to the Kinnernet (Un)Convention in the Lake of Galilee in Israel. Kinnernet is a fun conference based on the idea that 250 creative people getting together for two days playing, singing, dancing and eating well, will probably end up inspiring each other or at least make interesting connections. The host of the conference is Yossi Vardi, who has made a big name for himself in the dot.com industries by selling ICQ to AOL long time ago in what was the first internet 'Cinderella' story. Ever since then Vardi has been actively inspiring hundreds of young Israeli and international enterpreneurs.
Even though I didn't understand much of what was talked about there, I had a really wonderful time.
Here's a video shot yesterday of all the participants in the convention 'performing' the Queen's song: 'Don't stop me now'. (approx 1:31 into the clip you can see ..moi coming out of a cooler)
Flaherty May 2, 2010
That's a hoot Hanoch!
Kyle T Webster May 2, 2010
That is hilarious, Hanoch - what a fun group of people. I love it. The setting is so nice, too with the lake in the background. And did I see people grilling iPhones? Yum.
Hanoch Piven May 3, 2010
Kyle. Not only grilling iPhones but blowing air with iPads.