Hanoch Piven
"A Face a day keeps troubles away"
posted: April 24, 2010
Have been creating a 'quick face a day' with Faces iMake for the Facebook page of Faces iMake.
Here's are some from the last 2 weeks.
I assume you might be able to recognize 5 caricatures, one Archimboldo take and a self portrait wirh a sweather there.....
Scott Bakal April 25, 2010
These are all very cute and fun to look at. Really interesting use of some of these objects...squash and eggplant for hair? Genius.
Drew Friedman April 25, 2010
Great as always.
Alex Nabaum April 26, 2010
Love the Marge hair! LOL
Cathleen Toelke April 26, 2010
Great demonstration of Faces iMake--of course!
Andy Ward April 27, 2010
Can you guest illustrate an episode of The Simpsons please? Time it had a refresh.