Hanoch Piven
and yet more Twain
posted: April 22, 2010
So it turned out I had an old Mark Twain as well...probably from circa 1998..
Made for The Utne Reader, I have some vague memory of buying stuff at The Farmers Market in Union Square. It was Fall.
Dale Stephanos April 22, 2010
Brilliant. I'm going to try to have my kids recreate this on the Piven app.
Victor Juhasz April 22, 2010
Dale beat me to it. Brilliant. So inventive and thoughtful.
John Hendrix April 22, 2010
These things are magical. Perfect twain, from corncobs? Amazing.
Edel Rodriguez April 22, 2010
nice, Hanoch.
TBower April 23, 2010
You're truly amazing.
Tim OBrien April 23, 2010
I agree TBower, Amazing. Tim OB, A million brushstrokes, Hanoch P, some corn and paint.
Jody Hewgill April 23, 2010
This is killer Hanoch, love the hair.
Alex Nabaum April 23, 2010
Love how the V at the top of the stache cobs form the bottom of the nose, brilliant!! Too bad they don't make paddle wheel boats small enough for the eyes.
Robert Hunt April 23, 2010
Barry Blitt April 23, 2010
Piv - that's a startlingly good Twain. Are the eyes pomegranate seeds? [a lot of people don't realize he was Jewish]
Robert Saunders April 23, 2010
Amazing. That's him allright!
Robert Neubecker April 24, 2010
Killer= always love your work...I still laugh when I think about McAuly Caulkin- Yeltsen... and the guy with the poop for a mouth.. I forgot who that was. Great stuff.
Hanoch Piven April 24, 2010
Thanks y'all. Robert Neubecker thanks for stopping bye and for your comment. Ditto here. Blitt, Twain jewish? really? (There are not pomegranate seeds, but corn seeds). too tired now to write anything funnier..