Hanoch Piven
No laughing at my accent!
posted: April 12, 2010
Ok so in Faces iMake we've included short lessons of 'Drawing with Objects'.
Not with a brush..
not with a pencil.
Just to get the 'kids' into the right frame of mind!

This is the first one. Hope you like.

Leo Espinosa April 12, 2010
Awesome! I'm laughing with an accent: jajajaja!
Jim Paillot April 12, 2010
Outstanding! That is just plain charming. As always, the colors are so friendly. Piv, I want you to be my spokesman! Love this. PS:If you lose that accent then I'll have to replace you with a robot.
felix s April 12, 2010
Steve Wacksman April 12, 2010
Let me start by saying: this all 100% true. First, Dash LOVES playing with my iPhone. He has a list of YouTube vids he watches and he likes a couple of games I downloaded for him. But he launches Faces iMake over and over. So much so that I'm a little sick of that guitar riff. Just sayin'. So he finally watched me make faces enough that he can pick a shape and background color and start dragging pieces onto the board, although he's not too adept at it and has never made anything resembling a face. But he enjoys himself immensely. Yesterday he found the instructional vids and watched the first one about 5 times in a row. Hanoch, your accent is very charming. I'm glad you did it yourself and didn't hire someone with a flat accent. Here's the best part. Last night before bed we were sitting on the floor and he had some pieces of a puzzle and a couple of coins sitting about. He took a white piece of paper ( from a toy package) and slid the coin on it and said 'there's the nose'. Then he slid it around some more and mumbled something about an eye. Then slid the puzzle pieces on it and kept moving them around and talking to himself. It was amazing- at least to me. OK- that's the end of the story. I know how people loooove to hear long-winded and gushing stories about the trivial and unremarkable things their kids do. That's mine. Thanks for listening.
Hanoch Piven April 12, 2010
sigh sigh so nice Wax. Wish I could see Dash playing with it. thanks for writing that. Let me just advise you that you can turn the guitar music off in settings. It does become annoying after a while (I agree). Hey Wax send me some of the faces you made! thnx Leo, Felix and Jim as well!
Dale Stephanos April 12, 2010
Hanoch, I love the app, and so do the kds. What I really want is your accent.
Yuko April 12, 2010
Kate Feirtag April 12, 2010
love this!
Anelle April 12, 2010
All of us at the Society of Illustrators are your biggest fans!!! You make us smile.
Drew Friedman April 13, 2010
Hanoch Piven April 13, 2010
Hey thank you so much SOI peoples (Anelle and Kate). Thanks Dale Yuko and Drew as well.
Tim OBrien April 13, 2010
chuck pyle April 13, 2010
what a riot! great idea, Hanoch, and a great app, to boot. My heads and Hands class will never be the same.
Scott Bakal April 14, 2010