Hanoch Piven
One week later
posted: April 9, 2010
"A face a day keeps your troubles away". These are the faces I made in the last week on my iPod Touch....
A week ago when the iPhone App Faces iMake came out, I entered a new frame of mind (at least in my dealings with THIS project): The one of an enterpreneur.
It is all together VERY exciting. I feel like we are in the first minutes of the 'game' but it is clear how different this is than other projects I have been involved with:
While usually our comercial work is put out by others and there are several layers between us and the consumer/sales/PR, in this case: puff! no barriers. No big corporation to complain to or to throw the responsibilities to. "You" I mean "I" are right there at the front taking decisions.
It is quite sudden to see how a project that was created with love and care, becomes then .. a product, which goes out to the world and all kinds of different laws of consumerism start intervening.  And while you (me) might still look at it with romance and care it is up to you (me) to treat it also as a business with all of its potentials and dangers. (of success and failure).
It is actually at this point too big for me to understand all of it and luckily I do have one degree of disconnection and protection by having a partner dealing with most of the strategies, PR firms, sales etc...but it is all too near, unlike any other project I have dealt with before.
The one place that is somewhat manageable, the little kingdom I can somewhat 'control'  (hmm wrong word..but you know what I mean) is the Facebook group we have created. It is a sort of a growing community, hopefully of users.
I have made the commitement (to myself) to create a face a day on my iPod Touch using Faces iMake, and this is a lot of fun cause it is obviously a different yet not THAT different a way of working for me. Of course it is more difficult to create likenesses cause there are more limitations than usual but it is also liberating to create fast work with no client waiting. I have been giving myself 30 minutes to create these. On top you see the images I have created over the last 5 days. Hopefully you'll recognize the three portraits there.
But the fun part has been that some people are making faces and sending them over. So the nature of this game as a tool for  others to create is already working!
So below are the images created by various people. Credits include: Koby Cauly, Roni Cauly, Mick Walsh, Tamar Dessau Tsafrir, Lia Dessau Tsafrir, Janet Stein, Jakub Stein and more.  Individual credits are in the Facebook group: Faces iMake
So I invite you all to follow Faces iMake on Facebook and..of course..
lets not forget the link to buy Faces iMake at the App store. I'ts one dola. wink, wink.
All these created by users of Faces iMake...
Shout April 9, 2010
Alex Nabaum April 9, 2010
Got it last week and my kids love it!
David Flaherty April 9, 2010
Just a question Hanoch. Can the face be other than white? Suggestion? Good luck with your app! I don't have an I-phone so I can't play along.
Hanoch Piven April 9, 2010
Cool Alex. Have them send faces! Flaherty for now the face shapes are only white. (cause there is no painting tool) but we plan on incorporating color shapes as well. The good thing with Apps is that updates are very easy to do.(and cheap too) Thanks Shout!
Steve Wacksman April 9, 2010
It's good fun, Hanoch. I've been noodling around with it and Dash loves it. He comes running at me yelling "Papa! Let's make a funny face!" He's a bit young for it (2.5) but he still loves choosing the face shapes and background color. We do the rest together.
Jim Paillot April 9, 2010
Man, this is a cool app. And your new perspective as an artist/entrepreneur was an interesting point. Makes me wish I had an iphone just so I can play.
Hanoch Piven April 9, 2010
Hey Wax it is so cool your little boy is into it!! Has he seen the videos? Send your faces dude! Thanks Jim!
Hanoch Piven April 9, 2010
Hey Wax it is so cool your little boy is into it!! Has he seen the videos? Send your faces dude! Thanks Jim!
Laura Levine April 9, 2010
Hanoch, this is so exciting!