Hanoch Piven
Introducing Faces iMake
posted: April 2, 2010
I can't get rid of this self portrait now.....
I am very excited to introduce Faces iMake, the iPhone App where you can make faces using everyday objects.
Faces iMake was born in the head of Eyal Dessau owner of iMagine Machine.
Eyal has been the engine behind this for the last three months and without his unlimited energy and calm leadership this would not have happened! I'm happy to be Eyal's partner on it!   (note: if you guys have cool ideas for apps: Eyal is your guy!)
After many years of doing workshops and many offers to try to commercialize them (which didn't materialize because they didn't seem right), the Apps World suddenly brought this opportunity. It was very important for us to try to bring as much as we could (given the obvious limitation of being inside a virtual world) the spirit of my workshops to the game. Thus we managed to include some videos of advise I give while making a demonstration with real objects.
The great team who worked on Faces iMake was: Gur Zeevi (programming), Eitan Busheri (design), Janet Stein (head drawings and all-around teamplayer),  Michael Harpaz (songwriting, singing), Cristina Reche (Photography),  Simon Maldonado (Video Directing) , Oved Persiko (Sound Effects).
And there is a Drawger angle too: As we were set on the name iMake Faces, Zimm, the almighty creator of Drawger, suggested we switch it around to Faces iMake, a much better sounding name (we think). Thanks Zimm!
I have a feeling there is A LOT of ground for illustrators to explore in the Apps world!  Suddenly the path to create a product which can be sold (a book, an animation movie, anything including artistic and/or narrative content) was drastically shortened and its retaill price dramatically reduced.
With the iPad around the corner lets see what the Apps world will bring.

Faces iMake can be downloaded here from the App Store for 0.99. (There Eyal. I did my sell)
Here you can see a little demo of the game.

Michael Harpaz wrote and recorded a great song for the App: These are the Faces I make.
You can download it here.
David Flaherty April 2, 2010
Good luck with the App Hanoch! What do people do with the faces after they make them? Can they be exported or printed?
John Dykes April 2, 2010
Most excellent App!! Way to go Hanoch... I'd love to hear more about the details of the team effort. This is inspiring.
Hanoch Piven April 2, 2010
Hey Dave and John. The Faces can be shared via email, facebook, twitter..you know the usual. They can be assign to a contact on yor phone list, and they can be sent to the website FacesImake.com where there will be a big gallery of them. John the team effort was a lesson in...letting go. Not everything could be the way I had imagined it and had wished for, but hey, that is the only way it could have happened. and it ended up pretty close to where I wanted it to be.
Jon Berkeley April 2, 2010
Ha! Looks like great fun, Hanoch. Will download that as soon as we get back to Barcelona. Good luck with that - I reckon it will be a big hit.
Kyle T Webster April 2, 2010
I can see this becoming a huge success! I will mention this on Twitter right now. I'll buy it today. Best of luck, Hanoch!
David Flaherty April 2, 2010
Is this just a version of your photoshop customization Hanoch? ; )
Alex Nabaum April 2, 2010
My kids and me are going to love this!
laura t. April 2, 2010
so cool!!! hanoch, you still have to send the face i made at illnext :) you have a trailing bit of code up above just fyi- love the song. so jazzy! making me giggle.
Hanoch Piven April 2, 2010
"you have a trailing bit of code up above just fyi-" as if I knew how to get rid of it... can I just erase it?? I'm looking for that face!! done! sent it to you
laura t. April 2, 2010
you should just be able to erase it- but copy & paste the code so you can pop it back in just in case.
Paul Rogers April 2, 2010
I hope you make millions and bring your family to LA in July!
Adam McCauley April 2, 2010
Yes Hanoch, make millions!
Tim OBrien April 2, 2010
Congratulations!!!!! Great song too
Hanoch Piven April 2, 2010
thanks guys Paul I hope we can all come to LA in July even without the millions. Hey Jon we miss you in Barcelona. Come to town Thanks Tim, Alex, Adam, Kyle! security word: FACEMORE
Laura Levine April 2, 2010
Mazel Tov, Hanoch! I sure do love what you do.
Marc April 2, 2010
Congratulations, Hanoch! Make a mint! Security word: BEANFACE
Ellen Weinstein April 3, 2010
Congratulations, Hanoch! Hope it is a huge success!!
Cathleen Toelke April 3, 2010
That's terrific, Hanoch. Your faces are a natural for a cool and fun App. Congrats.
Hanoch Piven April 4, 2010
thanks Laura, Marc, Ellen and Cathleen :)
Nancy Stahl April 5, 2010
How fun is this? A natural extension of all that you do, the workshops especially. I'm going to buy it for my niece.
Leo Espinosa April 5, 2010
Me encanta, Janoj! the way the finger presses buttons is very simple but keeps the interface very "tactile". Good (ready-made) luck! :P