Hanoch Piven
Leaving LA
posted: March 22, 2010
After two long and interesting weeks in LA, I am on my way back East. I hope I will have the patience to sort through all the images I have from these two weeks filled with fun Workshops and make a post about it.
It was special for me to be hosted part of the time by Derek Drymon and his lovely family. Derek was my BEST friend in The School of VIsual Arts illustration and Cartooning Department. Following his studies he came to LA and has had a long and successful career in the Animation industry working as Creative Director and Writer of Sponge Bob amongst other things. It was fun catching up with Derek after all these years.  Dude, (and mainly Nancy): thanks so much for the comfy pillows!
Andy Ward March 22, 2010
Guest of the creative director and write of spongebob? A quasi religious experience i'd say. Looks like you nearly made it to Hollywood too. More posting please...
David Flaherty March 22, 2010
Derek has cartoon written all over him!
Brian Stauffer March 22, 2010
Derek is Patrick! classic!
Leo Espinosa March 22, 2010
ready made dopeness!
Harry March 22, 2010
Ahh sunshine. You traveling scoundrel. More details please...
Christoph Hitz March 22, 2010
Two giants, just look how small the Hollywood sign looks!
Alex Nabaum March 23, 2010
LOL he does look like Patrick! Excellent observation Brian!