Hanoch Piven
(pre)Introducing Faces iMake
posted: March 19, 2010
I have been in Los Angeles for almost two weeks now. Running around and doing many interesting workshops (I am preparing a large post about them).
Meantime today on Friday March 19th at 3 pm Pacific Time, I will be interviewed on live streaming on Israel Digital Diplomacy Live.  It will be a great opportunity to pre-launch my iPhone App Faces iMake!!!  (And you can Twit questions live or tell me I have food crumbs on my beard) !
The App was developed with Israeli App developer Imagine Machine and I have A LOT to tell and show about it.

Richard Borge March 19, 2010
Hanoch, that is such a great app, and its perfect that you are the creator. Its another nice transition from illustration into another outlet.
Dale Stephanos March 19, 2010
Whoa! Very cool Hanoch. Very brave too.
laura t. March 19, 2010
how cool!!! first drawger with an iphone app - you rule!! i hope it sells a billion and you end up filthy filthy rich :)
Paul Rogers March 19, 2010
Hanoch, you're in LA? I had a chance to preview the App the other day. It's genius!
Hanoch Piven March 19, 2010
Hey there...getting ready here. Tune in!!! Laura remember that Kyle has an App already. He was the first! Paul of course I'm in LA! That was me having dinner with you two nights ago.
Laura Levine March 19, 2010
Congrats Hanoch! I've always been a big fan of your work and equally so the nice person behind it.
Kyle March 19, 2010
Seems like the perfect app, Hanoch! Wonderful idea.
Yuko March 20, 2010
Sounds amazing. Makes me want to get an iPhone.
Adam McCauley March 20, 2010
How cool. I love how you've steered your work in a way that others can enjoy climbing into your thinking in an interactive exchange. Really generous, and really smart too.
Gary Taxali March 20, 2010
Where can one buy/download this, Hanoch? Looks great!
Flaherty March 20, 2010
Good luck with the new app Hanoch!
Hanoch Piven March 20, 2010
Ok here's the situation. Hopefully we can launch it next week. Waiting to finalize a couple of things. I'll definitely update and post and promote etc etc. I'm excited!
Jon Berkeley March 21, 2010
Hi Hanoch- I managed to miss the broadcast - will you be posting it on the blog later, or on YouTube? Good luck with the app. I'll try searching for it on Orna's iPhone...
Christoph Hitz March 22, 2010
I should get an iPhone just to play with your and Kyle's applications, from what I read there is a lot of programing work behind theses apps. Looks great & congrats.
felix s March 23, 2010
send me a link when its up. my kids love this stuff.
Katherine Streeter March 23, 2010
now, this is what is going to make me finally buy an iphone i think...!
Ellen Weinstein March 23, 2010
This looks great, Hanoch. Ditto on above- I might need to get an iphone finally!